Our Secret Weapon  

After 8 years of teaching and managing Angel Watch, it was time to pass the teaching component over to someone else. Please understand this was no easy task. I absolutely love teaching. If it wasn’t for my love of teaching and watching a little person grasp a new skill, I would have left the childcare industry years ago. Through my process, I considered hiring someone to do several other tasks so that I could continue teaching.  However, I knew it was time to pass the teaching baton. Not only for my professional growth but the growth of the school as well. After trying out a few teachers, I quickly learned that some people are great caregivers but lack the passion a good teacher possesses.  

Year 9 rolls around and in walks Mrs. Mimi. A’imee Davis is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana who at the time was living in New Orleans. She expressed to me she was teaching at a nursery in New Orleans and working on her degree in Child Development with a minor in Business Management. She expressed she would be moving back to Houston soon and she wanted to work with me.  “Que the singing Angels”. My gut told me she was the one. 

1 month after finishing her Director certificate she moved back to Houston. Just as she settled in, we needed a teacher. She hit the ground running and has yet to look back. She sings to the kids when it’s time to wake up from their nap and at any given moment you may catch her dancing with them. Every single morning that she walks through the door you will hear every child at Angel Watch scream her name with excitement. She makes learning fun and intriguing. However, there are a few more important qualities Ms. Mimi displays. Mimi embodies oodles of patience, she’s compassionate and she’s energetic. She has an engaging personality and is a good communicator. She understands the concepts of the curriculum and can adjust them to any individual preschoolers’ needs. She’s innovated and has a zest for teaching.  Her name is A’imee Davis and she’s Angel Watch Academy’s secret weapon